Gold Medal Gaming

This game can be easily found on Steam. It is a game set in sword and shield time. You start out as a man searching for his fortune in the midst of a war of 5 different nations. You first just preform tasks for the kings of different lands and then will be hired as mercenaries for the nations. This means that their enemies are your enemies. It is a fun game and pretty cheap. By the way this is specifically for Sommer Gaydos, one of the princesses is named Sommer and she is the most annoying jerk in the game. so my question is, Did they model her after you? see you guys later.

NBA 2K 12 Cont.

Ok just finished game 3 of the Knicks Bucks series in my player. I take it as a blessing that my first games are against Brandon Jennings and Earl Boykins since niether of them know anything about guarding a step-back J. I’m now averaging 75.7 points per game in the playoffs and 4.5 steals. Earl boykins is about 5’6” and my player is about 6’5”. I think you can do the math. I can block him without jumping i just have to put my hands up. If you are a fan of basketball i highly recommend this game and i would be happy to explain more to you in person.

NBA 2K 12

OK this has to be the greatest game ever invented by man. Basketball is one of my favorite sports and until they create a Lacrosse video game this is my fallback. One of the smaller but coolest things is that when you put your name on the          create-a-player the announcers say it out loud. So when i made my player Alex Phillips and I dropped my first 3 ball i was met with ” And what a way to introduce himself to the league as Alex hits the behind the arc jumper.” It was one of the coolest things ever. As my player slowly got better i was hearing my name more and more over the speakers. It also has the greatest dribble moves ever. My go to move is a behind the back crossover ended with the step-back jumper. I’m getting off right now because all this talk of the game makes me wanna go play it. see ya next time.

Mass Effect 3

Well I talked about the first one in my last blog so I’m going to discuss Mass Effect 3 in this blog. But, Wait a minute? What happened to Mass Effect 2? Well that is quite simple. Mass Effect 2 was to video games what Twilight is to movies. Mass Effect 2 is what happens when a producer makes a game after a night out at the bar. So moving on from that absolute embarrassment of a game we move to the third and possibly last game in the trilogy. I am so f%&$ing excited for this game. As soon as I can get my hands on it you wont see me for the next 15 hours. Ask Tim Mackiw, he slept over my house with another friend and when they went to sleep I stayed up all night (at least 6-7 hours) just playing the first Mass Effect. Since I am completely an anti-spoiler kid of dude I will just say that I hope the (insert generic bad guy names here) Don’t win. I’ll bring you more on this game when I get to play it, but for now I’m gonna go to sleep. Night Y’all

What Comes Natural

When you are doing a blog you should do what is most natural to you. For myself that was video games. I know that my title may be unfamiliar to some so I’ll explain that really quick. The PSWII60 is a myth in the online gaming community. It is what the internet has decided would be made if Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo combined.  Since I don’t normally blog I’m just gonna sit here and type what comes to my head. My favorite video game of all time is Mass Effect. It is so versatile that you can be a guy or girl, good or bad, specialize in weapons, support, or or specific powers. It can also take you from 5 hours to over 20 hours to complete depending on what side quests you do. If you like games I would really go check this one out.

                                                                                            -Alex P.